Rumour: GTA 3, Vice City & San Andreas Remasters Could Be Coming Soon

According to recent rumours, remasters of Grand Theft Auto 3, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas could be on their way.

gta 3
Credit: Rockstar Games

GTAbase claims that the rumours come from GTA Forums, a place where GTA news, gossip, mods and everything else related to Rockstar Games is discussed [via ComicBook]. It was here that a number of people began suggesting that remasters are coming, with an announcement due very soon.

The speculation began on the GTA Forums with leakers Mach1bud and WildBrick142 teasing knowledge of a Rockstar announcement. According to GTAbase, the pair are “some of the best known and credible leakers” related to the GTA series.

gta vice city
Credit: Rockstar Games

Forum admin Spider-Vice then added tags “III, VE and SA” to the cryptic posts, suggesting remasters could be what we’re looking at.

Not long after the tags were added, Mach1bud claimed that an announcement from Rockstar Games will be made in “less than 90 days,” with the possibility of a trailer in relation to the rumoured remasters.

In addition, “uNi”, an admin for the GTA Forum posted a tweet featuring three homemade Shark Cards each having the card number “2001200220042013B46”.

At quick glance the long card number might not appear to say a lot. Upon closer inspection, however, it seems to indicate the years the games in question were released. GTA 3 released in 2001, GTA Vice City in 2002, GTA San Andreas in 2004 and also GTA 5, which launched in 2013.

While it would be awesome to see GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas getting remasters with improved visuals and gameplay, I just can’t see it happening. At least not anytime soon. That said, nothing is impossible I guess.

I must also stress as always with any form of rumour and speculation, it must all be taken with a pinch of salt until officially confirmed.

While we dream of what could be, check out this awesome fan-made video featuring new-gen versions of Claude, Tommy Vercetti, Carl Johnson and Niko Bellic.

YouTube video

Do you believe there might be any truth behind these rumours? Let’s get speculating across our social media channels.

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