Rumour: GTA 6 Isn’t In Early Development, Is ‘At Least 50% Complete’

Last week we saw the news that Rockstar Games’ next heavy-hitter, Grand Theft Auto 6, is in its early development stages, meaning we probably won’t be seeing it for another couple of years at best. The news came via Kotaku and it left gamers with a bitter, bitter taste in their mouths. However, all may not be as it seems.

Credit: Rockstar Games

A new leak has surfaced which suggests that GTA 6 is a lot further along than was initially reported. The rumour comes from known Rockstar Games insider, Tez 2, who took to Twitter to claim that GTA 6 isn’t in early development, but instead is “60-70% complete.”

Tez 2 tweeted: “Next title, a new GTA title is in “early stages of development”?
It’s hard to believe that when I’m hearing it’s ‘halfway done’ or even beyond that.”

Of course we have to take the suggestion with a pinch of salt, especially considering the source of the original “early development” claim (Kotaku has a long history of getting leaks 100% correct).

That being said, Tez 2 has a proven track record when it comes to accurate Rockstar leaks, so it’s hard to say what’s really happening here. Perhaps Rockstar is leading both parties on a merry chase to keep their secrets…well, a secret.

Still, with so many years having passed since the last GTA and even Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s hard to believe GTA 6 hasn’t been in development for a while…

Credit: Rockstar Games

It’s also important to note that the next generation of console gaming is coming this year – could we really be getting the next Xbox and PlayStation with no news of GTA on the horizon?

Only time will tell, but here’s hoping for some official word from Rockstar Games sooner rather than later! Personally I can’t wait to hear more on GTA 6!

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