Rumour: Rocksteady Pitched Superman Game As Arkham Knight Follow-Up

A new rumour has surfaced regarding Rocksteady Games and the development team’s plans for the future of its DC games. According to James Sigfield of Geeks Worldwide, Rocksteady had plans to expand on its Arkham games by throwing a Superman title into the legacy.

Credit: Rocksteady Games/WB Montreal

Sigfield tweeted: “Hearing from multiple sources that Rocksteady pitched a Superman game to WB as a follow up to Arkham Knight, and WB passed on the project…

“The various Easter eggs in Arkham Knight referencing Superman and Metropolis were meant to be hints towards the story and characters.”

Although Sigfield doesn’t name any of their alleged sources, it’s true that Batman Arkham Knight did contain a few Superman references, as you can see in the tweet below.

As with all unverified leaks and rumours, take the “news” with a pinch of salt.

Although WB Montreal may have passed on Superman, it seems the company isn’t done with its DC games.

Teases had suggested that the next Batman game will centre on the Gotham criminal organisation known as The Court of Owls. However, some of the recent rumours have claimed that the next game will be a reboot of sorts and if the developers at Warner Bros. Montreal’s resumes are to be believed, that might certainly be the case.

Credit: Rocksteady Games/WB Montreal

Warner Bros. Montreal staff have listed this new Batman game as a new “IP”, which suggests that this will not only be a new game in a series, but it might also ditch the Arkham name. This coincides with rumours of the game being a reboot, though of course, this is all unconfirmed right now.

A reveal was reportedly set to happen at E3 2020 before its cancellation. What will happen now is anyone’s guess!

Featured Image Credit: Rocksteady Games/WB Montreal