Rumour Says An Alan Wake Remaster Is Coming

I’m game for this.

Credit: Remedy Entertainment

Horror fans rejoice, as a new rumour suggests that the ever-spooky Alan Wake might be getting itself a remaster!

The rumour seems to stem from YouTube content creator, Doctre81 [via GameRevolution]. In a video, which you can watch below, Doctre discusses a potential Alan Wake remaster, citing a few things that might suggest it’s on the way. After all, the rights have just been reacquired by Remedy.

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The first point of ‘evidence’ comes from the LinkedIn profile of a developer at Virtuous, who cites that they’re working on a remake of a AAA third-person action-adventure game. Virtuous, of course, is the company who recently launched Quantum Break for Xbox One and PC.

It’s also a company that’s been trusted with helping out on a huge number of remasters in the past, including The Last of Us: Remastered and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

Credit: Remedy Entertainment

Of course, a remaster of a AAA game could be anything really, although there’s recently been a lot of speculation about something coming from the Alan Wake series.


The newly-released hit Control is already rife with references, Easter eggs and nods to the iconic horror that is Alan Wake, but if Sam Lake, creative director at Remedy Games, is to be believed then a full expansion might be on the cards.

Credit: Remedy Entertainment

Taking to Twitter, Sam shared an image of the DLC content roadmap for Control, and one image in particular definitely stands out from the others.

The fourth image teased by Sam simply shows the letters “AWE,” notably using the same font as the Alan Wake games. If this isn’t an Alan Wake Expansion then I’ll eat my hat…

With a a “mid 2020” release date touted for the DLC, we probably don’t have too long to wait for the official announcement, whatever that might be.

Is this linked to the potential Alan Wake remaster? What do you think?

Featured Image Credit: Remedy Entertainment

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