Steam’s New Custom Image Feature Is Perfect For Making Memes

If there’s one thing we all love it’s memes. Old, new, good, bad, there’s a place for every type of meme in our lives, and Valve has now made it easier than ever to get our fix.

The company has just introduced a new Library Update, offering up more customisable options than ever before. Naturally, it’s already being used as something of a meme-creator, as per Reddit.

Credit: Valve

Reddit user and Steam gamer Rabbidscool shared the following image to r/Steam, where it’s received a lot of love from gamers. The user has seemingly turned Bethesda’s Todd Howard into a meme by segmenting his photo and using the images as various covers in their games library. Because, y’know, memes.

Credit: Valve/Reddit: Rabbidscool

Check it out below, or via the link here.

People are already creating memes through Steam’s new custom cover portrait games from r/Steam

Posting about the new library update on its blog, Steam writes: “A good library shouldn’t just be dusty shelves, it has to be a fun place to explore and find whatever it is that you’re looking for.

“Whether you want to keep up to date about what’s happening with your games, find a game to play with your friends, or explore what’s happening in your game’s community, your library should support you.”

I definitely feel supported by this Todd Howard meme to be fair, though this probably wasn’t what Valve had in mind when implementing the new feature.

Credit: 2K Games

In other Steam news, 2K Games’ NBA 2K20 may have only just launched, but it’s already become one of the lowest-rated games on Steam, taking second place on a list of worst titles on the store front.

At the time of writing, the Steam page shows the game as receiving “Overwhelmingly Negative” feedback, stating that just “16% of the 1,799 user reviews are positive.”

Featured Image Credit: Valve/Reddit: Rabbidscool