Rumour Says PS5 Reveal ‘Coming In May,’ But Could Be Rescheduled

Sony has yet to unveil the PlayStation 5. We know its specs, we know its release window and we even know what the controller looks like, but the actual console still remains a mystery. That might not be a cause for concern for long though, as it’s rumoured the PS5 reveal could be happening in May…with a little luck, that is.

Credit: Sony

As reported by VideoGamesChronicle, Sony was “recently” hoping to reveal the PlayStation 5 in all its glory during May 2020. The news comes via an unnamed source, but VGC has a proven track record of reliability. Still, take the rumour with a pinch of salt for now.

Sadly, it might not yet be time to roll out your PS5 banners, because – you guessed it – coronavirus has something to say. The deadly pandemic has caused thousands of deaths across the globe, and has all but halted the manufacturing and production of everything from games to movies. Sony recently delayed The Last of Us Part 2, and it’s likely that they’ll also be pushing the PS5 reveal to a later date than expected.

Credit: Naughty Dog

Interestingly, VGC goes on to claim that Microsoft is planning some reveals for the Xbox Series X in May, which could end up forcing Sony’s hand thanks to their close competition.

It’s believed that Sony is struggling with its initial idea of holding a public press conference for the PS5 reveal due to health concerns and infection worries. Meanwhile, the recently-revealed DualSense PS5 controller was reportedly revealed in a hurry so as to stop the spread of potential leaks.

Credit: Microsoft

However, if Microsoft still plans to launch the new Xbox this year then so Sony will also have to launch the PS5. Some analysts purport that the two companies are in such close competition that they might be forced to launch, even at a loss.

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Hopefully we’ll hear from the top dogs at Sony, sooner rather than later!

Featured Image Credit: Sony