Rumour Says Resident Evil 3 Remake Has A Release Date, Won’t Be Made By Capcom

The massive success of Resident Evil 2 Remake earlier this year got fans chomping at the bit, begging Capcom to keep remaking the classic titles from the series.

It’s been rumoured for a while that Capcom was planning to work on a remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, but recent leaks suggest all might not be as it seems.

Credit: Capcom

According to noted Resident Evil leaker, AestheticGamer [via ComicBook], Capcom isn’t developing the remake, but it is happening.

AestheticGamer teased: “[the game is] not what a lot of people are probably going to expect. It’s not being made by the same team that made REmake 2, in fact it’s not even being internally developed by Capcom Division 1 at all. Who is developing it is very interesting.”

It’s also suggested by the leaker that whatever form Resident Evil 3: Nemesis remake will take, we can expect it as early as 2020.

Credit: Capcom

As with all rumours, it’s important to take this with a whole rock of salt. But I will say that AestheticGamer does definitely seem to have a lot of information about the development processes of previous RE games, and he’s been right about leaks in the past…

However, fans really want to see RE3 in the RE Engine – so here’s hoping there’s not much truth to the claims.

Credit: Capcom

What do you think about a non-Capcom Resident Evil remake?



Featured Image Credit: Capcom