Rumours About New Half-Life Game Coming ‘In Next Five Years’ In Dispute

Half-Life 3 confirmed’ jokes are now about as old as…well, as old as Half-Life 2, but it might be Valve who gets the last laugh as it’s being reported that Valve co-founder Gabe Newell is teasing the release of a new addition to the series.

ComicBook, who cites a since-deleted YouTube video as its source, states that Newell responded to a fan email and confirmed a new Half-Life game will release “in the next four to five years.”

Credit: Valve

Note that, even if this is true, Newell didn’t specifically say “Half-Life 3,” so we could be looking at VR, some sort of port or *shudder* a mobile game.

Over on Twitter, supposed screenshots seem to show that Newell responded to another fan who asked whether they’d get a “new chapter of the game” before they died. Newell reportedly said: “Just don’t die in the next five years of so [winky face].”

Credit: Valve

If the idea of Newell using a winky face – or even responding to fan questions via email – doesn’t sit well with you, you won’t be surprised to learn that there are people who are claiming the reports are false.

Credit: Valve

Still, people aren’t giving up on the dream.

Come one, Valve, just give us Half-Life 3!

Featured Image Credit: Valve