Russian ‘Simpsons Hit & Run’ Bootlegger Voiced Every Character

A Twitter user has come across a bootleg Russian copy of Simpsons Hit & Run where every character is dubbed by the bootlegger (thanks, Rock Paper Shotgun).

Look, we’ve all done the cheeky thing of buying a bootleg DVD from some guy down the road. It’s cheap, cheerful, and 50% of the time the quality isn’t that bad. The same might be said of games, except in the case of this bootleg Russian copy of Simpsons Hit & Run, the definition of ‘good’ is down to the individual. If you’re asking us, it’s incredible.

For some reasons, this mysterious, unnamed Russian hero decided to dub over everything himself. Rather than just translate all the text, this bootlegger went the whole hog.

Okay, sure, they didn’t put much effort in trying out different voices. And yeah, sometimes a stray voiceline is still in English, for some reason. So what if there’s no brake key when driving, and the left mouse click does literally everything! It’s the effort that counts.

It doesn’t seem like there was ever an official Russian dub of Simpsons Hit & Run. So clearly whoever did this wanted to make it more accessible to Russian fans. It also seems to be a good few years old, as there’s a lets play that seems to be of the same bootleg.

While this doesn’t seem to be the ideal way to play Simpsons Hit & Run, if you’re overly familiar with the game it should at least add a laugh or two in.

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Featured Image Credit: Radical Entertainment/Vivendi Universal Games