Saints Row 5 Appears To Have Been Quietly Delayed

It seems as though the next addition to the Saints Row franchise has quietly been delayed, pushing it out of its expected release window. Not too much is known about the fifth game, which has been confirmed to be in development, but it looks like we might have a long wait on our hands.

Credit: Deep Silver/THQ Nordic

The news comes from the parent company of Deep Silver and THQ Nordic, Embracer Group. In a recent earnings call, Embracer noted that plans to release two AAA games before the end of March 2021 – one of which is presumed to be Saints Row 5 – have been delayed.

The two unnamed projects will instead now be aiming for a launch in the next fiscal year, which runs from April 2021 to March 2022.

Credit: Deep Silver/THQ

“We expect substantial growth in the current financial year driven by a large number of high-quality releases, for which we are excited to the reception among gamers”, said the company.

“This growth will be underpinned by recent and upcoming new game releases such as Biomutant, Chorus, Deep Rock Galactic, Destroy all Humans!, Iron Harvest, MotoGP 20, Ride 4, Snowrunner, Wasteland 3, WWE2K Battlegrounds and a host of other titles that have not yet started their marketing campaigns…

Credit: THQ Nordic/Deep Silver

“Looking into the next financial year ending March 31 2022, we expect continued organic growth driven by further increase in the value of completed games including the first AAA games releases since Metro Exodus. From this year on we expect to have AAA releases every year.”

Since we already know Saints Row 5 is in the works, it was likely that a reveal trailer would have been coming in the next few months. Sadly it seems that will no longer be the case.

Credit: Deep Silver/THQ Nordic

Presumably the delays are down to the current global pandemic, which is still seeing many in the games industry confined to their homes.

Featured Image Credit: THQ Nordic/Deep Silver