SEGA Could Be Working On A Collection Of 3D Sonic Games

A new Sonic the Hedgehog collection could be in the works at SEGA, according to a leaked retail listing. Could it be a compilation of 3D titles?

sonic heroes
Credit: SEGA

The supposed Sonic compilation is currently listed on the French retail site Sogamely. Spotted by Reddit user ezidro, the listing also states that the game is “coming soon” for PS4 [via VGC].

While the page fails to provide a potential release date, the same retailer also previously leaked information on a Sonic Colours remaster, which will supposedly release in 2021. 

Last year SEGA announced that it plans to celebrate Sonic’s 30th anniversary with various new games and announcements. 

If the listings are correct, SEGA could be set to release a unique collection of classic Sonic capers. The leak also backs up claims made by an insider back in February, who claimed SEGA is working on a collection of Sonic games that “that have never seen a re-release before.”

sega sonic colour
Credit: SEGA

So, what games could be included in SEGA’s new Sonic compilation? Well, 2D games like Sonic Advance, Pocket Adventure, and Sonic R make their way to the fold. However, it’s also worth noting that various 3D Sonic adventures like Sonic Colours, Sonic and the Secret Rings and the Black Knight are currently trapped on the Nintendo Wii.

While porting these games could prove difficult, they could form the basis of a Sonic 3D collection, one that could bear a resemblance to Nintendo’s Super Mario 3D All-Stars.

sonic secret rings
Credit: SEGA

While SEGA probably has a lot planned for Sonic’s 30th birthday, nothing has been officially announced yet. Therefore, it’s probably best to take any rumours about upcoming Sonic releases with a grain of salt.

Hopefully, we’ll learn more about SEGA’s big Sonic plans as the year progresses. With any luck, those plans will include ports of Sonic adventures outside of the usual 2D affair.

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Featured Image Credit: SEGA