SEGA Delays Physical Release Of Sonic Colours: Ultimate Indefinitely

SEGA has delayed the release of the boxed editions of Sonic Colours: Ultimate, indefinitely in Europe with no new date in sight.

SEGA announced this on its social media pages. The delay not only includes the standard edition, but also the keyring edition which comes with a Baby Sonic Keychain.

ā€œDue to unforeseen logistical issues, all physical editions of Sonic Colours: Ultimate, which include both the standard and key ring edition; will be delayed across all EMEA, excluding Australia & New Zealand.

ā€œThis does not impact the digital release across all first party platforms. SEGA is committed to customer satisfaction and we apologise for this unfortunate delay. More information to follow.ā€

No details on the delay were given

No other regions are affected though, as this seems to be an issue with Europe only. However, all digital versions of Sonic Colours: Ultimate will release as planned across all regions.

Sonic Colors Trailer
Credit: SEGA

SEGA didn’t provide details for the delay, but it might be safe to assume that the COVID-19 pandemic and perhaps Brexit might be to blame. However, that is just speculation on my part.

All other versions will release as planned

As for the physical editions in other regions, as well as the digital versions, Sonic Colours: Ultimate will release for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on September 7th.

Does the physical delay of Sonic: Colours Ultimate in Europe disappoint you? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: SEGA