SEGA Is Considering Revivals Of Crazy Taxi & Jet Set Radio

SEGA could be planning a revival of classic games including the likes of the beloved Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio [via VGC].

future of sega
Credit: Sega

The Japanese publisher’s plans were revealed as part of a financial presentation covering the year ending March 2021. While the meeting primarily focussed on financial results, SEGA also included some details about its future plans within the industry.

SEGA is planning numerous other projects over the next five years. This includes various remakes and reboots of older classics. In a slide from the presentation, SEGA specifically noted the Crazy Taxi IP, among others, as being under consideration.

Though the company is still only considering what to do with its older back-catalogue, it’s hoped that Crazy Taxi could make a return for new-gen consoles.

sega future plans
Credit: SEGA [via VGC]

Listed alongside Crazy Taxi are games such as Jet Set Radio and Virtua Fighter, as the company is also considering bringing back other “dormant” classics.

Outside of making use of older assets, SEGA is also planning to release a new first-person shooter, which is being handled by a European studio.

This ties into a recent job listing at Creative Assembly, which details numerous roles pertaining to “a brand new and exciting first-person shooter IP”.

Credit: Sega

As you’d probably expect, SEGA is also planning to “strengthen existing IPs to build a solid structure in three years”.

In particular, the presentation highlighted the likes of Sonic, Phantasy Star Online, Persona, Yakuza and Total War as focal franchises. SEGA’s commitment to its main lineup makes complete sense. In the past year alone, the publisher has sold over 4.4 million Sonic games, even though there have been no new entries into the series since 2020. That’s pretty impressive!

Credit: SEGA

It goes without saying that SEGA is going to have a busy five years ahead. Hopefully, we’ll see the company revisit its back catalogue while crafting new experiences for next-generation hardware.

Who knows, perhaps SEGA’s new “super game” will completely rock the industry, bringing something completely new to the gaming fold. 

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Featured Image Credit: SEGA