Shiba Puppy Opening Pokemon Cards Is Cute But Terrifying

A video of a Shiba puppy opening Pokemon cards has gone viral, partially because it’s cute and partially because it’s terrifying to see the pup handling what could be precious cards.

shiba pokemon cards
Credit: YouTube: maxmoefoePokemon

The video of the puppy (named Kevin) is either going to be the best or worst video that you’ll watch today.

Unboxings are nothing new to the world of YouTube. From mystery boxes to video game collector’s editions, it’s a very popular genre. It’s even a casual hobby of mine that I enjoy from time to time. 

Channels opening Pokemon packs are particularly popular as YouTubers look to discover the most elusive and rare cards while fans cheer them on.

shiba with pokemon cards
Credit: YouTube: maxmoefoePokemon

Watching a video of a cute Shiba puppy doing an unboxing is something new, however. Or at least new to me.

The vid in question comes from the channel maxmoefoePokemon, and while it’s now three years old, it’s gaining traction once again (thanks, Gamingbible).

It features the fluffy puppy opening (or more accurately chewing) its way into Pokemon card packets. The pup seems pretty happy being a YouTube star, but the drool-covered cards probably aren’t as thrilled with their roles in the video.

A word of warning before you watch. If you’re a collector who likes cards to remain in mint and pristine condition, the video below might be a thing of nightmares. However if you’re not too fussy when it comes to collectibles then look no further.

YouTube video

As the name of the channel suggests, the content is very Pokemon heavy, but it’s a good place for maxmoefoe fans. If you’re a fan of Pokemon, dogs and collectible cards, there are loads of other videos worth checking out.

Did you enjoy the video of Kevin the Shiba puppy destroying – sorry, opening – Pokemon cards, or was it too stressful to endure? Let us know across our social media channels.

maxmoefoe shiba
Credit: YouTube: maxmoefoePokemon

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Featured Image Credit: YouTube: maxmoefoePokemon