Top Streamer Shroud Says Borderlands Battle Royale Would Be Too Similar To Apex Legends

Twitch streamer Shroud is no stranger when it comes to battle royale games. The livestreamer has dominated Twitch stats over the past few months, surpassing Ninja in number of followers, and taking the top spot for himself.

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The battle royale pro gamer cut his teeth on the likes of PUBG, Fortnite and Apex Legends, making him pretty much the go-to for opinions on other battle royale games.

In a recent livestream, Shroud offered up his opinion on whether or not a Borderlands battle royale would work, and it’s definitely not something the streamer is on board with.

“No, a Borderlands BR would not work,”said Shroud [via Dexerto]. “It doesn’t make any sense. What would that even be? This [Apex Legends] is probably the closest we got to a Borderlands BR actually if you think about it.

“This is actually really close to a Borderlands BR – it’s got the classes, the abilities, the ultimates. It’s got these fancy colourful weapons and these energy-type things, it’s almost there.”

He kind of has a point…

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Borderlands 3 doesn’t have a battle royale mode, something which has divided fans of the series.

Over on Twitter, one fan sounded off about Gearbox’s decision to leave out battle royale, and the way the news has been received.

“Why do people want borderlands 3 to have battle royale so bad. like, I thought it was a joke that people keep bringing it up but a lot of games journalists are pointing to a lack of a BR mode as proof the game’s a letdown,” they tweeted.

On the flip side, there definitely seems to be a market for a Borderlands battle royale, as lots of people are crying out for Gearbox to make it happen.

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Another said: “All battle royales should be thanking their sweet stars that borderlands has no plans to make their own battle royale because if they ever made one IT would be the battle royale killer everyone keeps prophesying. it would be OVER for you b*tches.”

Do you think Gearbox is right to leave a battle royale out of Borderlands 3?

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At the recent BL3 gameplay reveal over in Los Angeles – which had everything from masked fans to decorated urinals – GameByte’s very own Brett Claxton got the opportunity to get hands-on with the game.

Check out some of the footage from Gearbox in the video below!

YouTube video

Borderlands 3 launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and as a timed Epic Games Store exclusive, September 13 2019.

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