These Rare Star Wars Consoles Are Perfect For Any Superfan

Limited edition consoles are seriously desirable for any gamer’s collection, and whether you’ve got yourself the cool AF Spider-Man PlayStation 4, or the Zelda-themed 3DS, these are items that are only for the superfans out there.

When it comes to Star Wars consoles though, you’re looking at a whole other world of collectibles, because they don’t just appeal to gamers, but to hardcore Star Wars fans too.

If you’re looking to add some Star Wars love into your gaming collection then we’ve found some of the coolest – and most expensive – Star Wars consoles out there. Oh, and one arcade cabinet.

*Note: Some cheaper versions of these consoles can be found if you do some digging, but always check the seller’s customer reviews before making any purchase.*

Credit: Microsoft

First up we have the XBOX 360 320GB Kinect STAR WARS Limited Edition Home Video Game Console, from eBay seller story-gate-japan.

This amazing bundle includes an R2D2-themed console and a C3PO-style controller, and being an Xbox 360, it’s pretty hard to find.

Of course, this lovely bundle isn’t cheap. It’ll set you back $1,400.00 USD, and that’s before postage. But it’s a piece of gaming AND Star Wars history!

Credit: Sony

Next up: it may have been a terrible game, but the Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront PS4 is perfect if you’re a little more dark side than light.

Up for sale from eBay seller olympictokyo2020, this 500GB PS4 comes with a Darth Vader-inspired DualShock 4, the design of Vader is actually etched into the console itself. No cheap decals here!

This bad boy will set you back $1,299.00 USD (not including shipping). Some cheaper versions can be found if you do some digging, but always check the seller’s customer reviews.

Credit: Sony

Hot off the heels of the Battlefront console comes the PS4 Pro 1TB Star Wars Battlefront 2 version.

Packing the biggest punch that Sony currently offers, this Pro model is the cheapest of the bunch, with Japanese seller lush_nine*japan asking for $475.92 USD. It ships from Japan though, so expect pricey shipping.

Credit: eBay/cujocece

Now, yes, it’s not a console, but it’s a seriously impressive bit of kit for the hardcore Star Wars fan.

This is the STAR WARS TRILOGY STAND UP VERSION ARCADE GAME BY SEGA, but unfortunately it doesn’t include the dog.

Seller cujocece writes: “Up for sale is a rare 1998 Star Wars Trilogy stand up arcade game. It is ranked 8 in best arcade games ever made.Item has been in my possession since 2005 and located in my game room. It’s like having all three of the other star wars arcades in one.

“Pics show minor scrapes and such. Last pic previous owner carved a piece out for the wood trim on his wall. Nice side graphics.  Good screen and sound. Buyer responsible for pickup or shipping. I have a new control panel overlay so you can install once you have it in place.Feel free to make a appointment to come and play it.”

This bad boy is listed for $3,200. It’s the most expensive item on the list, but it’s arguably the coolest – and really, that’s not an awful price.

Do you own any of these consoles (or the arcade cabinet)?

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft