20 year-old Silent Hill 2 bug fixed by modders

Modders behind Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition have fixed a game-crashing bug that’s plagued the PC port for 20 years.

Being a Silent Hill can be a disheartening experience. The last mainline release in the series was in 2012, with Silent Hill: Downpour on the PS Vita. That was an entire decade ago.

2012 also saw a release of the Silent Hill HD Collection for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. HD Collections were popular then, with other notable game series’ such as Devil May Cry also getting the same treatment. Silent Hill’s HD Collection was heavily criticised at the time for its terrible quality. As a result, the best way to play Silent Hill 2 is still on the PlayStation 2, Xbox or PC.

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This would be fine, but if you own the PC version of Silent Hill 2 you may have run into a game-crashing bug.

The bug exists because the audio of the game is incompatible with multi-core processors. Most modern PCs use multi-core processors, so the audio would loop and eventually crash the game altogether. 

“There was a bug here, it’s gone now.”

Players had to disable all their core processors except for one, but even then that wouldn’t always solve the issue. That was until fans came together to create Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition.

Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition is a fan-made project that updates features of the original PC version, making it compatible with modern hardware. The project provides more than a fix for the infamous bug. The team of modders have also added the use of a widescreen camera, high-definition resolutions, better controller support and more.

To fix the game-crashing bug the audio engine had to be rebuilt, which is detailed in the eight-update video put out by the Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition team on their YouTube Channel.

YouTube video
Silent Hill 2 Enhanced Edition (PC) Update Video #8

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In order to play Silent Hill 2 on the PC, you do still need to own a physical copy. With second-hand copies being upwards of £100.

Maybe one day Konami will make it easier to play Silent Hill 2. They might even eliminate bugs and improve the overall quality of the game themselves.

 Knowing Konami, I’m sure they’d much rather release another pachinko machine.

Thankfully we have the team of programmers, modders and artists of Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition to pick up the slack.

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Featured Image Credit:  Konami Source: Den Of Geek