Return to Silent Hill reveals lead cast and monster designs

The upcoming new Silent Hill movie has recently revealed new details about the lead cast and monster designs. Here’s what we have learned recently about Return to Silent Hill. 

Return to Silent Hill is an upcoming movie directed by Christopher Gans who was responsible for the 2006 Silent Hill movie. Back when the project was first announced, Gans and producer Hadida spoke about how they intend to respect the “will of the author”. However, we have now received some more information.

Screenshot from the Silent Hill 2 Remake
Credit: Steam

Return to Silent Hill story

The movie follows James Sunderland who is called to Silent Hill in search of his wife, Mary. We can’t go too much into detail without verging on spoilers but with a cast of horrifying creatures, we can expect things to turn dark very soon. Here is what Hadida had to say:

“Christophe and I have been working closely with our partners at Konami, as they update the video game, to also create a version of Silent Hill for the theatrical audiences of today,” they announced. “You will still find the iconic monsters – but there will also be new designs. We are confident that this new film and Konami’s updated game together will propel the franchise forward for years to come.”

The leading cast

Deadline has recently announced who will be leading the cast for this upcoming horror movie. Jeremy Irvine will take on the role of Sunderland with Hannah Emily Anderson starring as Mary. Irvine is perhaps best-known for the war classic, War Horse which he starred in back in 2011. Anderson starred in the 2017 horror movie Jigsaw as well as the tv show, The Purge.

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A PS5 Remake?

In other exciting news, Hadida also spoke about their relationship with Konami. Konami has recently been working with The Medium developer Bloober Team to release a PS5 remake of Silent Hill 2. However, we are yet to receive a release date.

With no release date for the movie either, we will keep you up to date with news from Return to Silent Hill. Are you excited for this movie? Let us know across our social media platforms.