Steam Deck is currently having its first ever discount

To celebrate the Steam Deck first birthday, Valve is offering a custom startup feature as well as a 10% discount. Here’s what we know.

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Steam Deck custom startup feature

In a blog post released today via Steam, the Valve team announced that they have added a custom startup feature to the Steam Deck. This comes after many users have learned how to create their own animations. As a result, the device now offers startup movies such as a confetti-animation released for the anniversary.

If you wish to get your hands on this one, you can find it on the Steam points shop for 3,000 points. However, with twenty startup movies to pick from, you are bound to find something you like.

Once you have picked something you like, you can enable it through Settings > Customisation. Additionally, Valve has added a shuffle option for those who can’t settle on one animation.

Steam Deck Discounts

Furthermore, Valve have also announced a 10% discount for those who buy a Steam Deck for the first time. With the 64GB unit normally costing around $400, you can now grab one for around $359.10.

The 256GB model is now available for $476.10 and this includes the NVMe SSD storage and Steam Community profile bundle. 

Additionally, the 512GB unit features the aforementioned features including anti-glare etched glass and virtual keyboard theme. This is now available for $584.10 down from $649.

These offers will be available during the Steam Sale which runs from now until March 23.

Steam Spring Sale

Speaking of the Steam Spring Sale, it is going on right now! To help you out if you plan on getting a Steam Deck, Valve have put together a list of 100 games played on it. Thanks to the sale, many of them are on sale now.

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