Silent Hill is getting a new movie

Silent Hill is getting a new movie, as revealed during Konami’s “Transmission” presentation and it will be directed by Christophe Gans.

If the name Christophe Gans sounds familiar, that’s because he was also the director of the 2006 Silent Hill movie. Video game movie adaptations are often a letdown. However, if memory serves me correctly, the Silent Hill movie from 2006 wasn’t that bad.

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The Silent Hill 2006 movie was decent

According to Rotten Tomatoes, it was a low critic score of 31%. However, it has a far more generous audience score of 63%. I suppose the latter of which is the most important. At least in my opinion.

The name of the new movie is “Return to Silent Hill” and judging by what was said during its reveal, it will follow the events of 2006. Oddly enough, its follows up, Silent Hill: Revelations (2012) didn’t even get a mention. I wonder why? (Sarcasm by the way).

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Return to Silent Hill will be familiar with a twist

Return to Silent Hill will be inspired by Silent Hill 2, which makes sense as 2006 was ‘loosely’ based on the original PS1 game. So I guess we can safely rule out Sean Bean making a return.

Christophe Gens promised that the new movie will look for inspiration from what made the Silent Hill 2 video game so great, but with twists to adapt to the movie formula. Gens also promised that we’ll get to see some iconic monsters in the movie, but some will have tweaks to their design.

Will will the movie be released?

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Credit: Konami

At this time, filing and casting choices are still in the works. Furthermore, more information on the movie has been promised at a later date. We can’t wait to see the first proper trailer.

In case you missed it, the Silent Hill 2 remake was announced along with plenty more Silent Hill goodness! 

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