Simpsons Hit & Run remaster is open world and looks impressive

Someone has remastered The Simpsons Hit and Run, and it’s completely open world! Is this remaster fans have always wanted?

The original Simpsons Hit and Run was released in 2003 for Xbox, PS2 as well as GameCube. When it launched, it scored quite favourably on Metacritic and quickly became a cult hit with fans. However, for years, fans have been calling for a remaster or even a full remake.

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Unfortunately, while an official remaster or remake is unlikely to arrive anytime soon, a fan has taken matters into their own hands. The fan in question is YouTuber called “reubs“. If you already recognise that name, there’s probably a good reason.

This isn’t the first remaster

Back in August 2021, ruebs created a remaster of The Simpsons Hit and Run in just a single week. Considering how quickly this remaster was put together, it looks really impressive. However, reubs has now had even more time to work some magic.

Credit: ruebs

The new and improved Simpsons Hit and Run remaster is now fully open world and additional features will arrive in the near future. Furthermore, Reubs has promised that the remaster will receive not only quality of life improvements to the map, but also online multiplayer as well as quests.

It’s worth keeping in mind that the earlier version of this remaster was pulled offline from its creator on Patreon. It’s not known why this happened, but it might be safe to assume that it was to avoid any potential legal issues from Disney.

Hopefully, this remaster won’t be pulled

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In the video showcasing the latest version of the remaster, ruebs opens up by saying this game is “for entertainment purposes” and that it “will never be made available to download.” So, make of that as you will.

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Featured Image Credit: reubs