Sims 4 mod could send your infant child to war

With the new Sims 4 update introducing a realistic infant stage, they probably didn’t expect this to mean they can now be shipped off to war. 

This month saw the Sims 4 team introducing a new life stage to the game. Instead of your little ones going from baby to toddler, they will now have an infant life stage in between. 

This stage is focused on bringing more life and personality to your children. They can learn to sit-up, choose favourite foods and… go to war?

Sims 4 Army Mod

This news comes after a Sims 4 player took to Reddit and posted a hilarious screenshot. FutureMailCarrier didn’t expect to get a pop-up during their gameplay that stated “Kira is now enlisted to fight in the war. She will ship out in 24 hours.”

This would usually be a fairly normal pop up for those who have the Kuttoe ‘Enlist in War Mod’ installed. However, it becomes a bit alarming when we notice Kira is in fact an infant. 

Either Kira’s parents have had enough of her and signed her up or the mod has not taken the new infant life stage into account. The first option does not come as too much of a surprise when many Simmers have reported how much hard work the new infants are.

Screenshot from the new Growing Together expansion pack for the Sims 4
Credit: EA

A glitch in the matrix

This is not the first glitch we have seen since the new update went live earlier this month. Players also recently watched in horror as their infant’s legs stretched. The result saw them turning them into an eldritch-horror style child.

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