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New The Sims 4 Update Un-Whitewashes Bella Goth

Maxis has finally updated The Sims 4 to give Bella Goth and her family a refreshed look, after years of criticisms the family were more boring than previous iterations.

The Sims 4 has a range of pre-built characters, and Bella Goth is one that’s been around since the very first game. However, since The Sims 3, Goth’s skin tone was noticeably lighter compared to the first two games. And her skin tone was even lighter in the most recent entry, The Sims 4.

But as shared on the official Sims Twitter account, Goth and the rest of the family have received an updated look that’s more in line with her earlier incarnations. Fans have been asking for this change for a long while now, as many felt uncomfortable with the character’s skin tone being lightened.


why was it a problem?

As some fans explained on Twitter, the change in skin tones likely came about due to how tones worked in different games. For example, the first Sims only had three options.

The second game had four, but Goth wasn’t whitewashed at this point in time. And now, after eight years on the market, The Sims 4 has given her a look more in line with the character’s history.

Credit: EA / Maxis

Whitewashing is a huge problem in any industry. So it’s incredibly important that Maxis took this step towards fixing a longstanding issue. As to let it continue would just be to ignore how widespread it is across media.


Not only this, but this new update comes with two new scenarios, as well as a Sims delivery express. There are three new build items, which includes a new chair, a mood lamp, and a small round table. As well as Alice Longyu Gao’s hyperpop single ‘DTM’ which is available for all players completely for free. 

The Sims 4 Adds Custom Pronouns Feature

Over the years, Maxis has improved at listening to the needs of fans. Most recently, customisable pronouns were added into the game. It’s a huge step forward towards being more culturally sensitive. And representing diverse players in a way that actually benefits them.

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Featured Image Credit: EA/ Maxis/SimsVIP