Sims 4 World Of Warcraft Career Mod Lets You Become A Warchief

The Sims 4 has more mods than Bethesda’s Skyrim, and with such a great Sim-loving community, there’s no end to the customisations you can apply to your game.

One of the best Sims mods to come along in while is inspired by none other than Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, and it’s honestly brilliant.

Credit: EA

As spotted by PCGamer, the WoW-inspired Sims 4 career mod will allow you to choose between the roles of a WoW Warchief or Champion of Azeroth for your Sim’s 9-5 job, because why not?

Ingenious modder N.Blightcaller described the mod as follows:

“This was my Original For The Horde Career!

Credit: Blizzard

“As this started out as a personal career option for my main World of Warcraft Sims (Nathanos + Sylvanas) the pay isn’t fantastic as the main idea was more of an RP vibe than a means of income with RP objectives to suit the current level and to get the promotion to the next rank

“Example – Scout needs Fitness 1 (to stay on the move), Painting 1 (to map out camps), Cooking 3 (to stay healthy on the mission), Logic 2 (to decide the safest path), Charisma 1 (to charm locals).

Credit: EA

“The difference between this and the Base Game version is that this requires Get To Work, Get Together, Outdoor Retreat + Spa Day for Baking, Dancing, Herbalism and Wellness skills.

“These 4 are used in a light RP way as exampled in the Scout rank above and gives a bit more of a unique and more WoW vibe to the ranking system for Warchief.”

Credit: EA

The For The Horde Ranks include: Scout, Grunt, Sergeant, First Sergeant, Stone Guard, Blood Guard, Legionnaire, Centurion and Champion.

After you hit Champion you can then choose between becoming a Warchief or a Champion of Azeroth.

Check out the awesome mod and download it for yourself right here.

Featured Image Credit: Blizzard