Skate 4 Looking Unlikely As EA Abandons Trademark Again

It might be time to say goodbye to your dreams of ever seeing Skate 4, as EA has failed to renew the “Skate” trademark once again.

The news comes via GamesRadar, who reports that the Justia Trademarks page for the “Skate” filing shows that Electronic Arts’ “Failure to respond” to correspondence about the trademark has led to what could spell trouble for fans of the classic franchise.

Credit: EA

The publication does note that there’s another alive-and-well trademark for “Skate” on the Justia Trademarks page, which will apparently remain active for the next ten years.

Whether or not EA only needed one of these trademarks, or if it doesn’t actually need either, remains to be seen.

Credi: EA

The still-active trademarked was only filed earlier this summer, which could indicate that EA is keeping hold of the “Skate” franchise but not as we know it.

Something’s definitely happening behind-the-scenes here, but we’re probably going to be left to speculate until we hear some official news from Electronic Arts.

Credit: EA

In other news, EA recently opened up about its plans for the future during a recent investor call, and a lot of the titles in the works are seemingly set to cash in on nostalgia for seasoned gamers.

Announcing some of what the company is pushing for the next fiscal year (April 2020 – March 2021), EA said that some remasters of “fan-favourite” franchises are on the way, leading to a lot of speculation online over what that could really mean.

Credit: Visceral Games

There are a number of EA’s past titles that could be described as “fan favourite,” including the likes of the iconic Dead Space, the Skate games and – yes – even Need for Speed: Underground 2.

Only time will tell!

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Featured Image Credit: EA