Skyrim Player Discovers Giant Riding A Dragon

Another week, another occasion where Skyrim does something weird, and this time it’s a giant riding a dragon. Just a normal day in the world of Tamriel. 

Look, at this point in time, most people are probably familiar with all the weird things that happen or people do in Skyrim. Just last week someone beat the game using just fishing rods. Another player found a really weird looking cow after years of playing the game recently too. But this time, a player on Reddit has witnessed something beautiful.

While wandering around Skyrim, brodiebrobroseph spotted a giant riding on the back of a dragon. Now admittedly, riding might not be the most accurate of terms. It’s more like the giant is standing nonchalantly on the dragon’s tail. Even so, what a sight it is. It can be best summed up by brodiebrobroseph themself: “I looked up and instantly thought ‘no fucking way’.” You can really feel that sentiment when brodiebrobroseph pauses briefly to make sure what they’re looking at is real.

It’s incredible how a decade later Skyrim can still surprise players with things the developers likely didn’t intend. How a giant was able to mount a dragon, we may never know. But that’s the beauty in video games. Accidents like these are mostly unsolvable mysteries. They’re stories that players can share with one another, and say, “no fucking way,” about. With the anniversary edition of Skyrim having only just come out, it’s likely this won’t be the last time we see something weird from the game. 

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Featured Image Credit: Bethesda