Skyrim Players Debate Over The Most Disgusting In-Game Food

Skyrim players have taken to Reddit to debate over what food item in the game they find most disgusting conceptually (thanks, Game Rant).

There’s an argument to be made that Skyrim isn’t the prettiest game in the world. The colours are a bit muddy a lot of the time, though it does have its moments. And in turn, that means not all of the food looks the most appetising in the world.

So of course, some Skyrim players are now having a debate over which food looks the worst in the game. Reddit user RickMcFlick asked the Skyrim subreddit what everyone thought was the worst looking edible item. For them, it’s apparently “mammoth cheese, closely followed by a giant’s toe.”

RickMcFlick certainly has a point when it comes to mammoth cheese. Whichever texture artist worked on the stuff clearly isn’t a cheese fan themselves. One user very fairly suggested that human flesh was the most disgusting thing in the game.

Another user questioned why mammoth cheese was more disgusting than a giant’s toe. To be fair, the mammoth cheese really doesn’t look tasty. A simple suggestion of spider eggs was also posed, which honestly, yeah.

There’s no shortage of discussions to be found about Skyrim. Last week, players had a debate over which was the worst city in the game. Everyone is always going to have some kind of opinion on Skyrim.

What do you find to be the most disgusting food item in Skyrim? Let us know across our social media channels!

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Featured Image: Bethesda