Here’s What Frasier Would Look Like As A Video Game

Ever wondered what Frasier would look like as a video game? Thanks to this one artist, you don’t have to anymore.

Last week, comic artist Arryn Diaz posited a simple idea: a Ninja Turtles/ Simpsons-style arcade game, featuring the cast of Frasier. The tweet went viral of course, with Diaz further suggesting how characters would play.

“Daphne has psychic attacks,” they wrote. “Frasier’s entire moveset is just Haggar from Final Fight. Niles knows Capoeira but gets instantly stunned if mud touches his shoes.” And so illustrator and designers Tom Waterhouse mocked up an example of what that might look like.

Done in an incredible pixel art style, the mockup of the faux Frasier video game shows the titular character and his brother Niles fighting off two of Daphne’s brothers. Frasier can be seen holding some kind of radio equipment above his head. And Niles seems to be utilising his Capoeira abilities to the fullest.

Of course, it’s unlikely an actual Frasier beat-em-up will ever see the light of day. The sitcom isn’t exactly known for its combat encounters. But we can still dream of what a Frasier video game might be like thanks to this wonderfully detailed art.

Credit: NBC

Dead Static Drive developer Mike Blackney suggested the names of some of Frasier’s movesets, of course opting for one to be called Tossed Salad, and another Scrambled Eggs.

This isn’t even the first time a beloved sitcom has gotten the fan-video game treatment. In 2020, one fan actually began work on a point-and-click adventure take on Seinfeld.

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Featured Image Credit: NBC