Snoop Dogg Has An Official Xbox Series X Fridge Because Memes

Microsoft has brought the Xbox Series X fridge meme to life by creating an actual Xbox Series X fridge.

When the Xbox Series X console was finally first revealed back in December 2019, its size and shape took many fans by surprise, leading to an outpour of memes across social media.

While the console is wider than that of the PlayStation 5, it’s actually quite a bit shorter. The Xbox Series X is also a little lighter compared to its PlayStation 5 counterpart, with the Microsoft console weighing in at 4.45kg and Sony’s console weighing at 4.5kg.

PS5 and Xbox Series X
Credit: Sony/Microsoft

Since their reveals countless memes made the rounds on the internet.  Sony’s console was often called out for resembling a router and, at times, a futuristic desktop. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s next-gen console was often seen to resemble a fridge.

Microsoft is now honouring the meme in the best way possible – by creating an actual Xbox Series X fridge, in what’s definitely a win for the company’s PR team. A huge reason for Microsoft getting back into the good graces of fans in my opinion is largely down to Xbox chief Phil Spencer.

I don’t know if Phil Spencer had anything to do with today’s story, but Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg wrote on Twitter: “You knew we had to do this, check out the full unboxing of the fastest, most powerful fridge!”.

Xbox consoles side by side
Credit: Microsoft

If Greenberg is responsible for turning the Xbox Series X fridge meme into a real-life household appliance, then he deserves a medal for this example of PR marketing genius.

If you think this Xbox Series X fridge is nothing more than an empty shell, then you’d be wrong, because this is an actual fully-functioning fridge. The Xbox fridge was sent out to legendary rapper Snoop Dogg and social media influencer iJustine. It even makes the Xbox start-up found when you open it!

Check out Snoop’s fridge in the video below!

The release of the Xbox Series X is just around the corner releasing worldwide on Tuesday, November 10th.  Microsoft will launch two consoles, the Xbox Series X costing £449.99/€499.99/$499.99 and the Xbox Series S costing £249.99/€299.99/$299.99.

Are you impressed with the Xbox Series X fridge and do you want one in your life?  Perhaps Microsoft could turn the Xbox Series S console into a portable grill?  React accordingly using our Emoji’s below.

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Featured Image Credit: Snoop Dogg/iJustine