Walk the Labo-rinths of hell!

Someone Has Recreated DOOM Eternal In Nintendo Labo Garage

A DOOM Eternal fan has recreated the first-person shooter in Nintendo Labo Garage, according to Comicbook.

Credit: YouTube/MrTiffles

In case you’re unaware, Nintendo Labo has a feature that allows players to create their own projects. However, one Labo player named Mr Tiffles has somehow managed to use the game’s simple software to recreate DOOM Eternal. That’s a hell of an idea!

While Mr Tiffles’ take on DOOM is certainly bare bones, its resemblance to the ultra-violent shooter is uncanny. There’s also something particularly amusing about the project’s Labo robots, which meet their maker at the hands of a Labo “Doom Slayer”.

YouTube video

Of course, if you’re familiar with Mr Tiffles, then you’ll already know this isn’t their first Labo rodeo. The creator has various Labo projects under their belt, including recreating the 2016 shooter SUPERHOT and replicating the VR game Beat Saber.

YouTube video

At the end of Mr Tiffles’ explosive DOOM demonstration, it’s also revealed that they’re planning on making a version for the Game Builder Garage, which is set to release next month.

While Nintendo’s new piece of software looks relatively similar to the Labo Garage, it’ll be interesting to see what Mr Tiffles can achieve with it.

Credit: YouTube/MrTiffles

Hopefully, we’ll see more projects like DOOM for Nintendo Labo once the Game Builder Garage comes to Switch. It’s also worth mentioning that Nintendo’s new software will allow creators to share their projects with other players, which means we might be able to play Mr Tiffles’ Labo-rinth of hell sometime soon!

Game Build Garage is coming to Nintendo Switch on 11th June 2021.

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Featured Image Credit: YouTube/MrTiffles