Someone’s Designed A Gaming Toilet And It’s Straight From The Future

It’s 2019 and you can play a lot of games in a lot of ways because we live in the future and nothing is impossible (apart from Half-Life 3 happening. That is impossible).

From the Tamagotchi and the Nintendo Switch to huge custom PC builds that you’re never going to be able to get out of your house and cars with Mario Kart in them – there’s surely no new way for you to experience your favourite hobby.

Credit: Pexels

Well, one clever gaming fan seems to have thought of a very interesting way to revolutionise the gaming market – with a gaming toilet [via UniLad].

Over on Twitter, a user by the name of 絵を描くPETER shared the following images of his concept art for a toilet that honestly looks like something that PewDiePie should be selling for only $299.

In the images below, you can spot a handy slot to hang your headphones, a place to plug in your console of choice, and there’s even a router attached. Y’know, because what’s a toilet if it doesn’t have a router?!

The only question I have is – where does the monitor go? Or actually, maybe it’s best if I don’t ask that question…

Check out 絵を描くPETER’s work below!

Credit: Pexels

People are loving the design, with one user replying with [translated]: “You can enjoy the sound of defecation in 3D surround with a sense of realism.”

Another joked: “Razer toilets when?”

The design definitely looks like a Razer product, but we’ll probably get one around the same time we get a Razer toaster

Credit: PewDiePie/Razer

Would you like to enjoy your – erm – games on a cr*pper like this, or is this one step too far into a future of gaming that no-one’s asked for?


Featured Image Credit: Nintendo