Sony announces 10 more PSVR 2 games for release day

To celebrate this week’s release of the PlayStation VR2, Sony have announced another ten games expected to be released soon.

PlayStation VR2 is finally available for purchase today on February 22. For £530/€600/$550, players can get their hands on the new virtual-reality hardware.

Furthermore, with ten new game announcements, a total of forty titles will soon be available. This comes after the first launch window titles were announced on January 19.

PSVR 2 Game Announcements

First up is Another Fisherman’s Tale, an adventure game that faces players with “mind-bending puzzles” and “a journey through a surreal world.” This is the sequel to A Fisherman’s Tale which was released back in 2019.

Secondly is Gorn, a gladiatorial combat game with an abundance of weapons, foes and game modes. Become a budding gladiator when this title releases on March 16. 

Nock: Bow + Arrow Soccer is a combo of (you may have guessed it) archery and soccer. With the ability to skate around the pitch, players can use their bow to shoot the ball into the goals. This title will also feature multiplayer and custom game modes.

Nock: Bow + Arrow Soccer for PSVR 2
Credit: Steam

Hellsweeper VR is next and allows players to exist in a world where physics do not exist and you can attempt gravity-defying movements. Traverse your way through hell with a large arsenal of weapons and magic. 

Next is Ragnarock, a solo/multiplayer arcade rhythm game. Become a viking captain and use your hammers to crush incoming runes to the beat of epic viking music. This title is set to be released today alongside the PSVR 2. 

Runner is an arcade experience that will also be released today. With freeform VR shooting and motorcycle combat, Runner combines epic weaponry with time-bending special moves. 

Runner for PSVR 2
Credit: Steam

Startenders: Intergalactic Bartending may be a mouthful but this drink-making simulation game features a campaign and leaderboard competitive modes. Build your bar, get new ingredients and work a shift all in this upcoming release.

Up next is Sushi Ben, a VR narrative adventure which has you attempt to save a sushi business before it closes. Meet and gain the trust of townspeople as you rebuild the shop. Sushi Ben also features anime-style art and a 3D manga panel design.

Swordsman VR is “a realistic sword-fighting game with historical factions and epic boss fights”. Perfect your skills as you go against epic foes, even including a kraken! With RPG elements, player progression and even some dismemberment, this will be an epic title to see in the PSVR 2. 

Finally, Unplugged: Air Guitar is for fans of Guitar Hero back in the day. Jump on stage and live out your rockstar dreams as you play (air) guitar to some much-loved hits. With an ever-growing crowd, you better make sure you’re up to scratch. 

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