The CBOMB has been defused

Sony Has Finally Fixed The PS4 CMOS Battery Issue

Sony has released a firmware update which seems to have fixed the so-called ‘CBOMB’ flaw with CMOS battery issues in the PS4.

The fatal CMOS battery issue was identified by a Twitter user earlier this year. The so-called ‘CBOMB’ issue was created when Sony introduced new measures to stop people manipulating the time and date settings around trophies. 

If your CMOS battery (a small device which keeps track of time in some devices) died and you could not sync with the PSN store, games would be unable to load. As VG247 noted – this issue would apply to both physical and digital games. This effectively put a ticking clock on all PS4s. Every console would eventually become unusable whenever Sony decided to retire the PSN store.


You can see an excellent explanation of the issue by Modern Vintage Gamer here:

YouTube video

Install the update ASAP

Now PS4 players are reporting that the 9.0 firmware update has fixed the CBOMB issue. When Modern Vintage Gamer tested this, he was able to play games again once he’d installed the firmware update. 

This is a welcome move by Sony – extending the life of the platforms and fixing a feature which would have forced obsolescence for millions of consoles around the world. Hopefully this sets the tone for all console makers.

ps4 slim
Credit: Sony

So don’t delay – if you own a PlayStation 4, download the 9.0 firmware update as soon as you can to future-proof your console.

What do you think of this move by Sony? Would you like to see other console makers prolong the life of their products? Let us know via social media.


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Featured Image Credit: Sony