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Sony Hints That Xbox Game Pass-Style Subscription Is Coming To PS5

The Xbox Game Pass subscription service is a huge seller for Microsoft, and Sony has now teased something similar is coming to PS5.

Xbox Game Pass is a big deal. Despite having no major AAA launch titles for the Xbox Series X|S, Game Pass is the reason for many as to why they’ve invested in the next-gen console.

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Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service available on Xbox consoles and PC, with prices starting from £7.99 a month. The service gives you access to hundreds of games to download, including all first-party titles and even some day one releases.

You can even subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate, which not only includes the base subscription service but also Xbox Live, EA Play and the ability to stream games to your mobile devices.

Whichever tier subscription you pick up for Xbox Game Pass, it offers great value for money in my opinion (and in the opinion of many others).

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Credit: Sony

Sony does have its own form of subscription service with PlayStation Now, and while the price has reduced down to £8.99 a month and also includes hundreds of games to stream and download, it offers nowhere near the kind of value provided by Xbox Game Pass (in my opinion).

One of the most requested features of PS Now is having PlayStation Plus bundled in it with the cost, and to offer first-party launch titles like Xbox Game Pass does.

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Credit: Microsoft

We don’t know if any of those features will be coming to PS Now anytime soon, but following a recent interview with Russian media outlet TASS [via PushSquare], there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel.

When asked about Xbox Game Pass in relation to PS Now being brought up to par, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan said: “There is actually news to come, but just not today.

So while this quote doesn’t give any specifics, it does at least hint that Sony is listening to fan feedback and hopefully PlayStation Now will be adding more value in the near future.

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Credit: Microsoft

To be fair to Sony, despite removing PS3 and PS Vita games from the PlayStation Plus service, PS Plus subscribers on PS5 can now get access to the PlayStation Plus Collection which is a library of next-gen optimised classics at no extra cost.

Are you hoping that Sony will be taking inspiration from Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass? Would you like to see the PS5 get something more like Xbox Game Pass? Let us know by reacting to our Emoji’s below.

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