Sony increases stake in Elden Ring developer FromSoftware

Sony Interactive Entertainment has increased its stake in Elden Ring and Dark Souls developer FromSoftware. But what does it mean?

As reported by MP1st, Sony has now increased its stake from just 1.93% to an increase of 14.09%. Furthermore, Tencent has also increased its stake in FromSoftware to 16.25%.

As detailed in a press release by FromSoftware parent company Kadokawa Corporation, Sony has acquired 1,476 shares from a common stock of 11,450,000 yen per share. The value per share acquired by Sony is valued at around £71,450/$82,800 USD.

Kadokawa retains a majority stake

Following the acquisition of FromSoftware shares from Sony and Tencent, it now means that Kadokawa retains a total stake of 69.66% of the Soulsborne developer.

dark souls fromsoftware
Credit: FromSoftware/ Bandai Namco

In the press release, Kadokawa says that the further investment by Sony and Tencent will result in FromSoftwareproactively investing in the development of more powerful game IP.” Kadokawa continued that the investment will add “a framework that allows the expansion of the scope of its own publishing in the significantly growing global market.

What does this mean for Sony and FromSoftware?

At this time, we don’t know for sure. However, that doesn’t mean that FromSoftware will be a PlayStation-exclusive brand. That’s unless Sony acquires a lot more shares. 

demon's souls sony ps5
Credit: Sony

That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if we get at least one more game exclusive to PlayStation, as we did with the PS5 launch title, Demon’s Souls remake.

At the very least, I’m just hoping that we’ll get the rumoured Bloodborne upgrade sometime soon for PS5. We can only hope.

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Featured Image Credit: FromSoftware/Source: MP1st