Sony Is Selling A Spider-Man Themed Console And Our Spidey-Senses Are Tingling

Themed consoles are often a Holy Grail item for gamers, as these exclusive, rare and often limited consoles can be hard to come by.


To celebrate the upcoming launch of Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man, Sony is selling a show-stopping themed PlayStation 4 Pro console to jazz up your living room.

The Spidey-red console features the iconic Spider-man spider symbol, and includes a matching DualShock controller.

Of course, purchasing the console means you’ll also get the actual Spider-Man game thrown in too.

This nifty bundle is, unfortunately, only being sold in America and Canada, where it’ll set you back $399 (USD) or $499 (CAD). 

The console will be available for purchase on 7th September, but if you’re keen to snag one for yourself then you’d best act quickly, as these are sure to sell out straight away. 

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a themed console for sale from Sony, though Microsoft are sometimes offering themed Xboxes as competition prizes.

Check out the trailers for the new Spider-Man game here:

YouTube video

Right now, Microsoft are offering the chance for one lucky gamer to win themselves a Deadpool 2 themed Xbox One. 

The extremely limited console can be yours by simply retweeting the competition tweet from the official Xbox account, but you have to live in a country that has Xbox Live. 

Whoever does win is going to be the owner of one of the world’s rarest ever consoles, as only one of the Deadpool 2 Xboxes is up for grabs.

On the flip side, Nintendo doesn’t shy away from themed consoles, and its 3DS has seen a huge range of limited or special edition versions, ranging from Animal Crossing to The Legend of Zelda.

Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man is one game Marvel fans can’t wait to get their hands on, and you can preorder a copy of the game right now from Amazon.

Spider-Man will be released worldwide on 7th September.