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Sony Is Shutting Down Its PSP, PS3 & PS Vita Digital Storefronts

Sony is set to close its PSP, PS3 and PS Vita Storefronts, according to reports by TheGamer.

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Credit: Sony

The information was shared by an insider, who claims that the stores will be shut down this year. The PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable digital stores will be the first to go on the 2nd of July. However, the PlayStation Vita will be shutting up shop almost two months later, on 27th August.

While Sony’s decision to axe its old services is unsurprising, it’s still going to be disruptive. The PSP and PS3 have been around since 2005 and 2006, respectively. However, Vita has only been with us for nine years, releasing in 2011. The Vita is still a favourite of many, so closing down access to digital games and services is a massive blow to the console’s dedicated community.

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Credit: Sony

If you’re a Vita owner and a PlayStation Plus member, then you’ve likely amassed a bunch of free Vita titles. To keep these, you’re going to have to fetch them from your digital libraries and get them onto your device.

If you’ve made any digital purchases that aren’t stored on your console, it’s worth downloading them too. The original report doesn’t specify whether players will be able to access purchases after 27th August, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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Sony’s decision affects more than just Vita games. The shutdown will also kill off access to various exclusives like Tokyo Jungle and the PlayStation Minis library.

There are probably countless other titles across the three platforms that will be lost, but the PS minis games are only accessible on Sony’s old storefront.

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Credit: Unsplash/@chilinik

Games like Tokyo Jungle are playable on the likes of PlayStation Now, but honestly? It’s sad to think that various hidden gems will be at the mercy of a subscription service. 

Let’s hope that Sony u-turns on its decision, at least when it comes to the PS Vita. 

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash/@chilinik