Sony removes PS Plus game expiry dates

Sony has seemingly removed the PS Plus game expiry dates, a subtle feature that proves to be very handy indeed.

Sony has seemingly removed the expiry date for the PS Plus Extra and Premium tiers.

Push Square reported that the “Last chance to play” tab section on the PlayStation dashboard, which usually features games, will be disappearing from the service soon.

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The PlayStation Plus expiry dates were helpful

Unless they’re first-party Sony titles, most games won’t stay on the PS Plus Extra and Premium service forever. Meaning this was a particularly handy feature.

At the time that Push Square published the article, the tab featured Rez Infinite.

However, upon checking out that tab for myself, it appears that Rez Infinite is no longer there. The tab for me at least is now blank.

playstation plus last chance
Credit: Richard Lee Breslin via PS Store

While most games will likely remain on PS Plus Extra and Premium for months, it’s not impossible for games to only remain on the service for a single month.

By having the expiry date, it gave subscribers a timescale on how long they’d had to finish a game before it was gone.

PS Plus Essential works a little differently

ps plus
Credit: Sony

Unlike the upper PlayStation Plus subscription tiers, we know that games only remain on the PS Plus Essential library on a month-to-month basis. After this, a new lineup is usually announced.

However, once that game is claimed and added to your console library, you will always have access to it with an active subscription.

Whereas even if you download an Essential or Premium game, once it’s removed from the PS Plus library, it will no longer be accessible.

Furthermore, it’s also mentioned in the Push Square article that the Japanese PlayStation Blog states that GTA: Vice City – Definitive Edition will only be available via Extra and Premium until February 20, 2023.

However, at the time of writing, no such date appears on the PS5 console.

gta vice city
Credit: Rockstar Games

Could it be a glitch?

The removal of the expiry dates could very well be a glitch. However, it seems this might be an official decision made by Sony for whatever reason.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony/Source: Push Square via PS Play