Sony Responds To Claims That The PS5 Will Be Its Last Console

With Google and Microsoft both looking to streaming-only boxes and services for the future, people have been wondering whether or not the PlayStation 5 could be Sony’s last traditional console.

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In a recent interview with CNET, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan was asked about the idea of the PS5 being Sony’s last console, and the answer wasn’t exactly brimming with confidence.

“I actually don’t know. I’ve been around a while, and I sat there in 2012 and listened to all sorts of smart people tell me about mobile and that the PlayStation 4 was going to be the most terrible failure ever,” admitted Ryan.

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Image: Sony/Jim Ryan

“The logic was actually hard to fault. But we believed in that product then, we believe in this next generation product now”, Ryan added. “Who knows how it might evolve? Hybrid models between console and some sort of cloud model? Possibly that. I just don’t know. And if I did know, I wouldn’t tell you.”

Following the reveal of Google’s Stadia earlier this year, tech experts and analysts seem to think that this is the first real step in replacing consoles.

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Cristiano Amon, president of Qualcomm, a US-based tech company that helps build systems [via The Sun], stated: “There’s no question – in our view – that the cloud is the new console…

“If you go to mobile and take away the limitation of processor power, then you can look at [streaming] sophisticated PC games from the cloud.

“We’ve started to see some of the cloud gaming announcements. I’m sure there’ll be much more coming. It’s just a matter of time.”

Credit: Sony

Amon cited not only the power of the Stadia, but also its flexibility of use, saying: “You are just gonna start playing on any device, on any screen.

“That is going to be the future of gaming…”

I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t want to see the end of traditional console gaming anytime soon…

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