Soulja Boy’s Latest Console Is A Familiar-Looking Handheld Emulator

It’s been a hot minute since we last heard about rapper Soulja Boy and his latest attempts to break the console market. However, it seems that the chart-topping rapper’s latest venture involves a familiar-looking handheld console.

soulja boy
Credit: Soulja Boy/Instagram

Announced via the SouljaBoyGame Twitter account, the rapper’s console brand appears to now be attached to a handheld emulation device, which bears resemblance to various devices on the market.

Branded the TRDR Pocket, the console is essentially an emulation box, featuring an uncanny Game Boy design combined with a modern screen and Nintendo Switch style joystick.


It’s very possible you’ve seen this device under a different name elsewhere on the internet. However, the difference between TRDR’s device and those on various other storefronts is the console’s staggering price point. Coming in a $199.99, the Soulja Boy handheld costs around the same as a Nintendo Switch Lite.

It’s worth mentioning that there’s nothing inherently wrong with cheap handheld emulators. If you’re looking for a way to take your collection on the go, the Chinese market has a surprising selection of high-quality devices. 

soulja boy console
Credit: SouljaBoyGame

It’ll also be interesting to see what’s included on the Soulja Boy version of the TRDR Pocket. Previous Soulja Game consoles have promised hundreds of included ROMs, which could be interpreted as piracy.


You can check out the console in action in the video below!

YouTube video

The console is also powered by Android, so the device will likely be using emulators compatible with the Linux-based operating system.

Who knows, perhaps Soulja Boy’s TRDR Pocket will be as coveted as the PlayStation 5!


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Featured Image Credit: SouljaBoyGame