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South Korean University Holds Entrance Ceremony Within Minecraft

Obviously COVID-19 has caused a range of issues for large gatherings, so a South Korean university solved this problem by holding an entrance ceremony in Minecraft.

When everyone started to realise how serious this pandemic was over two years ago (sorry for reminding you), creative solutions were needed for large gatherings and group meetings. Most people used Zoom of course, but sometimes other methods are needed to make things feel a bit more reactive.

So a South Korean university decided to hold its entrance ceremony in Minecraft. Reddit user bedesloman shared a clip from the entrance ceremony, which shows a number of blocky students in an auditorium who one by one head up to the podium. 


However, it was not just the auditorium that was recreated for the sake of the entrance ceremony. It seems like the entire campus was remade for the purpose of the ceremony.

A couple of games were also made, like one involving guessing the correct tile to stand on so you don’t fall into a pit. And another involved throwing an item at a bell. In times like these where the pandemic is still ongoing, it certainly presents a different world.

Stories like these really highlight the creativity that can be found in Minecraft. In January, a modder took it upon themselves to make basically a whole new Doom game all within Minecraft. The mod features original Doom-style level design, and is a great alternative to the rip-and-tear shenanigans of classic Doom.


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Featured Image Credit: Mojang