Spider-Man Developer ‘Absolutely’ Wants To Make A Remaster

A Spider-Man 2000 developer says he is “absolutely” up for working on a modern-day remaster for the beloved classic.

Developed by the now-defunct Neversoft, and long before Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man in 2018, Spider-Man 2000 was considered to be the pinnacle of web-slinging. Perhaps there are still plenty of fans that believe that is the case.

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Released on the original PlayStation, and N64, as well as various other platforms such as the SEGA Dreamcast, this Spider-Man game, was considered to be near perfection. After all, this was during a time that great comic book video game adaptations were few and far between.

However, in an interview with GamingBible, the lead designer of Spider-Man, Chad Findley detailed that while the game had its fair share of technical limitations due to its era, getting to work with the legendary Stan Lee was a career highlight.

Findley worked with Stan Lee!

I got to include most of the characters we wanted, we got to add our what-if mode for tons of other cameos, and I got to voice direct Stan Lee,” said Findley. However, given that Findley seemed to have cherished his time working on the Spider-Man game, GamingBible’s Ewan More took the opportunity to ask if a remaster could be on the cards.

While I would initially be reticent because of the nightmarish licensing and approval processes that are around these days… I absolutely would do it,” exclaimed Findley. “I love Spider-Man. It was such a great, nerdy character with stories that always have positive messages and themes while also still being exciting and fun. Stuff we need these days.

spider-man 2000
Credit: Activision/Neversoft

While it’s unlikely that Spider-Man 2000 would receive a remaster or remake, I suppose you can truly never say never. Would you like to see this classic Spider-Man game receive a remaster? Let us know on Twitter.

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Featured Image Credit: Activision/Neversoft