Spider-Man: Remastered Won’t Recognise Your PS4 Spider-Man Saves

It’s been confirmed that PS5 Marvel’s Spider-Man: Remastered won’t recognise your old PS4 save files, meaning – oh no – we’ll have to start the masterpiece all again from the beginning. Poor us.

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In case you missed it, the remaster of the iconic Marvel’s Spider-Man from 2018 will only be available to play on PS5 if you purchase the Deluxe Edition of Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Miles Morales is the upcoming standalone adventure which you’ll be able to pick up on PS4 and PS5.

Snagging the Deluxe Edition of the game on PS5 will give you access to a remastered version of Spider-Man, optimised for PS5. However, it’s now been confirmed your PS4 save file won’t carry over.

Credit: Insomniac Games/Sony

Developer Insomniac Games confirmed the news on Twitter, responding to a fan query asking that very question.

“Saves won’t transfer from the original game to the Remaster,” tweeted Insomniac.

Clearing up any further PS4/PS5 confusion, Insomniac also confirmed that putting your PS4 copy of Spider-Man into your PS5 won’t give you the chance to play the remaster. Instead, it will be played through your PS5 using its backwards compatibility features.

In related news, the official PlayStation website reveals the size of a number of first party launch titles for PS5, including Miles Morales, Miles Morales Ultimate Edition, and Demon’s Souls.

It’s a good thing the PS5 has a pretty hefty amount of SSD space, as the standalone Miles Morales game will take up an eye-watering 50GB, with the Ultimate Edition clocking in at no less than 105GB.

If the Ultimate Edition was on your wishlist for day one of PS5, note that the game will be taking up more than one eighth of the overall capacity of the console’s SSD, which stands at 825GB. Add a couple more day one titles to your library and you’ll already be close to maxing out the available space. Yikes.

Both edition of Spider-Man: Miles Morales are launch day titles for PS5.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel/Sony/Insomniac Games