Prepare to squid now kid now once more.

Splatoon 3 Gets A Summer Release And Salmon Run Is Back

Splatoon 3 got shown off at last night’s Nintendo Direct, revealing the return of the Salmon Run mode, and a release window too.

While we didn’t get a specific date, it was revealed last night that Splatoon 3 will be released this coming summer. But thankfully, that wasn’t all we got in the trailer. We also got confirmation that the co-op Salmon Run mode first introduced in Splatoon 2 is back.

Not only that, there’s some new changes and new bosses too. The core gameplay loop seems to be the same as in Splatoon 2. Four players facing off against Salmonids, trying to get their eggs.

YouTube video

what’s new?

The first new boss shown off in the trailer is the incredibly named Fish Stick. This boss seems to be a giant metal tower propelled by a number of small Salmonids that spit out their ink. Players can ink up the tower to swim to the top to more easily take out the Salmonids.

The next new boss shown off is the Flipper-Flopper, a dolphin themed boss. It jumps around in the air, shooting out an ink ring, which covers the ground in a perfect circle. If players manage to ink where it is going to land, it will land on the ground ready to attack. 

Players also now have the ability to throw eggs to one another, as well as directly into the goal. This will mark a huge change tactically for the mode, and will provide a lot more options during matches. The end of the trailer also showed off some kind of kaiju looking Salmonid. But it was only a teaser, so players will have to wait to find out how it works.


It’s great to see Salmon Run make a return, as it was a great changeup to the Splatoon format. Hopefully we’ll get a release date soon so we know when we can get splatting.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo