Square Enix’s ‘New IP’ Has Final Fantasy Fans Scratching Their Heads

It looks like Square Enix is preparing to announce a new IP, as a Twitter account has been created for what appears to be an RPG called Last Idea.

The account, which is described as “SQUARE ENIX’s new game『LAST IDEA ラストイデア』official Verified account,” has gotten Square Enix fans pretty confused though – especially fans of the Final Fantasy franchise.

Credit: Square Enix

On Reddit, one fan pointed out something that may just blow your mind if you haven’t already noticed it: “I mean considering the name is a synonym for Final Fantasy I’m surprised more people aren’t looking at this as a nod to announcing 16. Kind of like mgsv’s original announcement.”

I mean, wow.

Credit: Square Enix

The same thought’s also occurred to Twitter, with people responding to the account’s only tweet all suspecting the same thing…

Unfortunately, one eagle-eyed Square Enix fan happened to notice something about the account – of its eight followers, one is an artists for mobile games, potentially suggesting Last Idea is a game for mobile…

Credit: Square Enix

The account first sprang up in October last year, and there’s not been too much happening since the first tweet.

Maybe we’ll just have to wait and see what this mystery game turns out to be…

What would you like to see from Last Idea?

Check out the Twitter account at @LASTIDEA_RPG.





Credit: Square Enix/Twitter