Star Wars Battlefront 2 Is Bringing back Microtransactions and Gamers Are Furious

Battlefront II shipped 9 million copies during its launch period. This is down approximately 4 million from the over 13 million copies that it’s predecessor Battlefront 1 shipped during its launch period. Battlefront 1 relaunched in 2015 to great initial applause but gamers quickly grew bored of the limited gameplay and maps. This is what Battlefront 2 aimed to fix with the new game released late last year. However due to the excessive amount of microtransactions in the game many gamers boycotted the new Star Wars game from release.

This lead to the poor sales that EA didn’t account for and for this reason they are putting Microtransactions back into the game to help try and recover some losses from the release. EA decided to stop microtransactions in the game due to angry fans stopping playing or not even buying it due to its ‘Pay to win’ mentality. Many saw this as a triumph for gamers and that they had had their voice heard. That seems to not be the case as not only have EA reinstated the polarising money making scheme but their stock price is also at an all time high. This clearly isn’t the end of microtransactions. Having said that, hopefully other games companies see this as a way to push them less and keep gamers happy.

There have also been a number of changes to the game itself to help calm the microtransaction storm. The progression system has been sped up significantly so players can unlock new characters and alike faster. There is also a report that in March there will be another update to the system. This could mean that it is going to be sped up even more or something completely different.

Will you be picking up Star wars Battlefront 2 now the changes to the game have been made. Have you already bought the game and are disappointed with it? Let us know.