A release window could be far, far away.

Star Wars Eclipse Is Still ‘3 To 4 Years Away’ According To Insider

Don’t expect to see the newly announced Star Wars Eclipse until at least another 3 to 4-years, claims an industry insider.

During The Game Awards last week, the Heavy Rain developers much rumoured Star Wars game was revealed with a stunning cinematic trailer. Sure, we never got to see any gameplay, but there’s a good reason for that.

YouTube video

Quantic Dreams is known for delivering very cinematic video games, which some refer to as “interactive dramas.” Its titles might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if there’s one aspect that can’t be debated by all, is that they are often of high quality. At least visually.


As a result, video games from Quantic Dream can literally be years in the making and with delays along the developmental road. One such game will be Star Wars Eclipse, which is in its very early stages of development. Meaning that its release is likely to be years away.

heavy rain
Credit: Quantic Dream

Patience we must have

How many years must we wait? Well, it could be 3 to 4-years according to industry insider and video game journalist, Tom Henderson. He claims that some of the reasons why Star Wars Eclipse could be 3 to 4-years away from releasing is due to the in-house game engine used by Quantic Dream. 

This engine is designed to power games such as Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human. Games that are very different to the open-world genre. Furthermore, he believes that Quantic Dream is understaffed and is struggling to hire the necessary personnel.


Obviously at this time, despite Henderson often being a reliable source of information, these are just rumours. So, we must take all rumours with a pinch of salt until proven otherwise. However, considering past video game releases from Quantic Dream, a 3 to 4-year window doesn’t seem too far fetched for Star Wars Eclipse.

How long do you think we’ll be waiting for Star Wars Eclipse? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Quantic Dream/Lucasfilm Games