Star Wars Jedi Survivor preload times – everything you need to know

With Star Wars Jedi Survivor set to be one of the biggest ever games, preload times are vital in order to help you out on launch day.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is set for release on April 24 and after a long wait, fans are gearing up to explore the galaxy alongside Cal Kestis again. However, with news that the game requires a whopping 155 GB of SSD space, some players may be waiting a bit longer than anticipated.

If you are planning to play Jedi Survivor via PC and Steam, getting the game downloaded as soon as possible will be essential. Luckily, here’s everything you need to know about preloading it upon release. 

A peek of the Stormtroopers who will be one set of enemies in Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Credit: IGN

Star Wars Jedi Survivor preload times

Once you have checked the PC requirements for Jedi Survivor to see if your setup can run it optimally, make note of the upcoming preload times.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor preloads start on April 25 at 8am PST / 11am EST / 4pm GMT / 5pm CEST and April 26 2am AEDT

Purchasing the game through both Steam or the EA Store will grant you access to this preload.

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An Epic Adventure

With only four days to go at the time of writing this article, the sequel to Fallen Order will see you join Kestis as he hunts down the remainder of the Jedi Order. With brand new locations, weapons and enemies, the sequel has gotten bigger and better. 

It also seems like fan-favourite Merrin will be returning thanks to a new story trailer that was released back in March. After deepening her connection with the Force, she will make a formidable ally in the fight against the Galactic Empire. 

So all that is left to do is wait a few more days and then you will be wielding your lightsaber again. 
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