Star Wars Jedi Survivor Reportedly Unplayable for PC Players

With Star Wars Jedi Survivor finally launching worldwide tomorrow, it should be an exciting time. However, the PC port is experiencing a lot of issues. 

The long-awaited sequel to Fallen Order should be ready to go but PC players are reporting a myriad of issues with the game’s PC port. Although there have also been reported issues with the game on console, it is the PC version that has been branded “unplayable” by some. 

Screenshot taken from Star Wars Jedi Survivor featuring protagonist Cal Kestis
Credit: Eurogamer

Star Wars Jedi Survivor PC Issues

Despite the game itself already sitting at 81 positive reviews on Metacritic, players are more concerned with how the game is set to run. Unfortunately, the game appears to be suffering from performance issues that EA are already aware of. As a result, the company took to Twitter to announce their plans. 

Star Wars Jedi Survivor will be receiving a day-one patch across all platforms. This will fix bugs, improve performance and add more accessibility features. However, despite it being a day-one patch, the post states these changes will be arriving in “the weeks ahead.” 

Should PC players wait?

As it stands, multiple reviewers who have experienced this game on PC have warned players about the disappointing performance issues. An example of this comes from Youtuber Skill Up who took to Twitter to vent their frustration. 

It struggles to maintain 40 fps on a 2080ti/3700x and my 4090/5950x cannot maintain a solid 60 fps.” The thread continues. “There’s also a game breaking audio bug atm that ruins every cutscene. There’s a PC patch planned for the 28th. Recommend waiting until the impacts of that patch are confirmed.”

Although this is frustrating news for PC players, EA being aware of the issues will hopefully improve these issues on the day-one patch.

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