‘Stay Home & Play Video Games,’ Says World Health Organisation

The strongest messages during the COVID-19 aka the coronavirus outbreak are to stay clean, safe and away from other people – preferably at home.  However, while it seems that some are struggling with the concept of staying home and only going outside when it is absolutely necessary, we’ve never lived in an age where it’s easier to stay indoors and keep ourselves busy.

We can finally binge that Netflix series, catch-up on some favourite movies, start a new hobby or plough through that ever-growing video game pile of shame.  As long as we have a smartphone, we can browse, chat and stream to our hearts’ content (and there are also some fantastic indie games available on mobile).

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To chime in on the importance of staying at home to help contain the spread of the virus, the World Health Organisation (better known as WHO) has advised us to stay at home and play games. But seriously, does anyone reading this article really need any extra convincing to stay indoors to play video games?!

WHO general director Tedros Adhanom has advised the world to “listen to music, read a book, or play a game” to stave off anxiety and stress during this time (and to keep people in their homes, of course).

It’s not only great advice, but it’s also music to our ears to hear we’re actually being told to crack on with the likes of DOOM Eternal and Animal Crossing. We’ll take it!

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Have you ever fancied starting up The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt or have been on the lookout for a gaming series to sink your teeth into?  Well, now is the perfect time!  Heck, I might even get round to finally finishing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (maybe). 

Luckily, we’ve just compiled a list of games worth checking out while you’re in isolation, which can be found here.

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Have you started up any new hobbies or perhaps you’ve decided to finally finish that campaign?  Share your stories across our social media channels.  Finally, please stay safe and stay indoors until this whole mess blows over.

For those in the UK, check out the #StayHomeSaveLives campaign from the NHS in the video below.

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